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    User Testing

    User testing is when website visitors or consumers use a product, website, or service — often before it goes live to a wider audience — so the business can test its usability.

    What Is User Testing?

    Before launching a product, website, or service, many businesses conduct user testing to identify any gaps or problems, evaluate the usability of the site or product, and determine if it’s ready to go live to a broad audience.

    The main benefit of user testing is that it gives business insight into what’s working and what’s not directly from primary users who will be engaging with the site or product after launch.

    There are several ways businesses can conduct user testing to gain this insight, including A/B testing, surveys, focus groups, usability tests, and beta testing. In each of these cases, the goal is to ensure the testers fully engage with the product or site and that the business gathers and organizes their feedback.

    With the insights they gather from user testing, businesses can make necessary adjustments without running the risk of turning large groups of users away after launch.

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