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    Deliver the Best Possible Product Experiences

    Product Experience Management (PXM) helps brands, retailers, and distributors build great product experiences, boost efficiency, grow sales, and lead on the digital shelf.

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    Great Product Experiences That Deliver Great Results

    Great product experiences are channel-specific, evolve with changing buying habits and markets, and rely on complete and accurate product content.


    Improve Efficiency

    Improve efficiency by streamlining and automating your product data workflows to save time and costs.

    Drive Growth

    Drive Growth

    Drive growth and increase sales by delivering the best product experiences everywhere

    Lead the Digital Shelf

    Lead the Digital Shelf

    Lead the digital shelf by adapting and optimizing the customer experience and staying ahead of your competition

    Product Content Is Always in Motion

    Delivering a Winning Experience on the Digital Shelf Isn’t Easy

    Getting a Product to Market Requires:

    More Teams

    Internal teams, third-party agencies, sales teams, and channel partners must stay aligned.

    More Data

    Teams must collect and manage logistics information, marketing copy, digital assets, interactive videos, virtual reality (VR) renderings, and other data.

    More Systems

    The technology infrastructure that manages your data and connects it to endpoints must work well alongside the rest of your ecosystem.

    To keep up with the constant change across these components, your business needs an agile, composable system that can manage the product experience throughout the entire product life cycle.

    Product experience management empowers brands, retailers, and distributors to work together to deliver the best possible product experiences — without the friction.

    Brands centralize product content from disparate sources — including enterprise resource planning (ERP), master data management (MDM), and product lifecycle management (PLM) systems — into a complete set of materials to deliver a cohesive product experience.

    Brands connect to each endpoint to deliver product content that meets requirements.

    Retailers and distributors onboard brand product content that meets their requirements.

    Retailers and distributors validate collected product content to publish and merchandise for customer sales.

    Collaborate To Offer the Best Possible Product Experiences

    Automation Is Essential for Managing the Complexity of Omnichannel Commerce

    Executing PXM at scale demands collaborative, tightly integrated workflows that increase efficiency and transparency for stakeholders.

    It's essential for a PXM platform to be able to automatically surface data requirements for existing content so that brands can send the best possible content to retailers, and retailers can provide feedback and get to market that much faster.

    Integrate PXM With the Rest of Your Tech Stack

    Great product experiences don’t happen in silos. You need a solution that can integrate with the systems you use to manage customer data, logistics, shipping, digital advertising, and other areas of your product life cycle.

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    Choose the PXM Strategy That’s Right for Your Business

    PXM for Brands

    Learn how PXM empowers brands.

    PXM for Retailers

    Learn how PXM empowers retailers.

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