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    Automate Manual Tasks and Focus on Winning on the Digital Shelf

    Find Time To Focus on Growth by Automating Time-Consuming Tasks

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    Scale Quicker

    Make onboarding suppliers to your platform easier.

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    Work Smarter

    Automate the majority of validations so you can focus on critical issues.

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    Get To Market Faster

    Spend less time ensuring your suppliers meet your schema requirements.

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    Increase Efficiency

    Allow your suppliers to correct product data errors before they even reach your attention with automated error-detection.

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    Save Time

    Reduce the volume of repetitive human tasks through a combination of automation and Salsify services.

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    Reduce Costs

    Reduce operational costs related to manual validation work and incorrect product data.

    Learn How You Can Win on the Digital Shelf by Automating Repetitive Tasks 


    Focus on Higher-Value Tasks by Automating Your Processes

    Automated Quality Control

    Successive data quality control layers continuously improve data quality while informing suppliers.

    Rules validate data at the source by blocking errors and inconsistencies while alerting suppliers.

    • Validation workflows let retailer users manually review atomic changes to selected critical fields while letting non-critical changes pass through.

    • Collaborative edits enable retailers to patch errors that would have gone undetected while proposing corrections to suppliers. 

    All the above serves as a training set for artificial intelligence (AI)-powered suggestions that help suppliers improve data quality.

    Business-Driven Data Quality Monitoring

    Monitor your suppliers directly on the platform and improve your data onboarding operations with Salsify's real-time data onboarding, quality monitoring, and reporting capabilities.

    • Real-time data quality monitoring: Monitor the data onboarding process and overall data quality at the product, supplier, and scenario levels.

    • Enhanced productivity and collaboration: Take advantage of automated error detection with a clear view per supplier so you can easily take action where needed.

    • Product page history: Keep track of changes on each product page for better traceability.

    Automated Onboarding

    Onboard thousands of suppliers quickly with an easy, user-friendly experience and automated tools to streamline invitations and address data gaps.

    • Automated supplier onboarding: Build your supplier directory on the Salsify Supplier Experience Management (SXM) platform and easily identify suppliers already using Salsify for immediate onboarding. Platform invitations will send automatically to the rest of your supplier directory.

    • Accelerated data onboarding: Send automated data requests, in-platform notifications, and automatic emails to suppliers, resulting in quicker supplier responses.

    • Time-bound data onboarding: Customize and automatically trigger data onboarding according to the specific needs and stages of your commercial cycle.

    Get More Done With Salsibots

    Leverage Salsibots, workflow helpers that help you perform automated tasks through Salsify Workflow and get more done.

    Use out-of-the-box Salsibots or create your own to apply metadata to digital assets, publish products to your retailer site, update values, manage product status, and much more. Salsibots reduce the need for humans to own repetitive, low-value actions, freeing them to focus on more high-impact work.

    Salisbots executed 170 million-plus tasks in 2022.



    Learn How To Automate Repetitive Tasks so You Can Focus on Winning on the Digital Shelf

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    Become a Digital Shelf Leader

    Mars has many markets around the world. As demand for ecommerce grows globally, Mars needed to develop a consolidated product data catalog that could be used easily across a wide variety of markets and multiple geographies.

    "We’ve estimated that we’ve saved about 60,000 hours worth of time spent managing content over the last year for the organization [with Salsify]."

    JJ Schmidt
    Director Digital Demand Content, Mars

    Win on the Omnichannel Shelf by Integrating SXM Into the Rest of Your Enterprise Systems Architecture

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