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    Salsify Services

    Salsify Services provides a comprehensive portfolio of services to help customers win on the digital shelf.

    Salsify Services Enables Brands and Retailers To Maximize Business Outcomes

    Accelerate Time To Value

    • Gain an inside perspective into Salsify’s technology and research and development (R&D) road map — leveraging a global workforce of 800 talents, including more than 100 digital transformation consultants.

    Achieve Operational Excellence

    • Benefit from our unique insights into successful implementation strategies and management plans — stemming from our experience with hundreds of clients spanning across multiple verticals, including consumer packaged goods (CPG), home improvement, beauty and personal care, and fashion.

    Drive Adoption

    • Maximize your success with our additional services, including onboarding support and training certification programs.

    Our Approach

    • Design

      Start off right with a tailored action plan based on your unique goals and objectives.

      Benefit from proven best practices and guidance from Salsify experts.

    • Deploy

      Implement Salsify solutions that are expertly architected and professionally integrated into your existing tech stack.

      Configure Salsify solutions to meet your requirements and generate the desired business outcomes.

    • Adopt

      Ensure Salsify solution adoption across your organization.

      Leverage our services offerings — including supplier onboarding and certified training programs — to ensure your organization is properly prepared to take advantage of your Salsify investments.

    • Sustain

      Scale and optimize your use of the Salsify Product Experience Management (PXM) platform as your ecommerce needs evolve.

      Benefit from our continually evolving and expanding services and product functionality to improve your competitive advantage.

    Salsify Services Offers a Wide Range of Services To Help You Achieve Your Desired Business Outcomes

    Implementation Services

    Establish the foundation of your Salsify solutions with professional implementation services and guidance, including testing, documentation, rollout, and go-live support.

    Configuration Services

    Receive expert support as you expand your digital shelf offerings and need to leverage your Salsify instance further. Map additional digital shelves or configure more complex workflows with ease.

    Training Services

    Learn from our experts with a wide range of enablement tools and programs that help ensure your organization is able to adopt and use Salsify solutions with confidence.

    Workshop Services

    Enhance your team’s ability to operate your Salsify instance with focused group sessions leveraging our digital shelf experts.

    Custom Development Services

    Go beyond our standard Salsify solutions by taking advantage of custom configurations that are scoped, developed, and verified to meet your unique requirements.

    Trusted Advisor Services

    Define your goals and key performance indicators (KPIs), set up governance structures, and evangelize the program throughout your organization with a services advisor who will guide you through your digital transformation.

    Expert Professional Services

    Integrate and operate your Salsify solutions for maximum performance with technical consultation at any point in your journey.

    Supplier Onboarding Services

    Leverage our proven, frictionless onboarding program to bring your suppliers up-to-speed on how to use the Salsify Supplier solution.

    Managed Services

    Leverage our supplemental resources to support your long-term initiatives around managing your Salsify instance or syndication operations.

    Customer in the Food and Beverage Industry Drives Digital Transformation

    Over the last four years, Salsify has provided this food and beverage customer with a full range of services — from global program development to ongoing services enabling new market activation, existing market expansion, technical consulting, and user training.

    Through utilizing Salsify’s PXM platform and products, this customer is now live in over 40 markets.

    Connect With the Experts

    Salsify Services provide the resources and expertise you need to maximize your Salsify investment. We’re looking forward to connecting with you.

    If you’re interested in our services, please contact your account manager for more information.