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    Centralize. Connect. Automate.

    Product Experience Management (PXM) for brands improves efficiency, drives growth, and helps you lead the digital shelf by delivering the best possible product experiences.

    Learn how Salsify Product Experience Management (PXM) can help your brand lead the digital shelf.

    Digital Is a Vital Part of Your Business

    Succeeding on the digital shelf is no longer an added bonus. It's a core part of a successful brand strategy — and your growth relies on getting it right.

    Global ecommerce is predicted to rise from 19.5% of total retail sales in 2023 to 20.3% in 2024 — and experts expect it to continue its growth.

    Source: Insider Intelligence





    Shoppers search online to decide where and what to buy before going into a store to make a purchase.


    Source: Forrester

    The channels and selling motions that matter to you continue to expand. So does the data they demand.

    The digital shelf has grown to include:

    • More volume: A single SKU can require hundreds of attributes in a single market to satisfy all distribution partners.

    • More variety: There are hundreds of changes for each priority channel every single year.

    • More volatility: Not just attributes and images but also enhanced content, logistics data for Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN), 3D models, and more.







    Source: Forrester

    Delivering Winning Product Experiences Creates Business Value

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    Improve Efficiency Across All Your Routes To Market

    The faster you get winning product experiences to market, the sooner you drive revenue and outpace competitors.

    Implementing a PXM strategy creates a straight path for digital shelf content from your organization to each selling partner.


    Drive Growth

    Digital shelf sales growth comes from increasingly effective product experiences.

    The connective tissue of global commerce is a network that enables every retailer, distributor, and commerce endpoint to exchange requirements and update product information at scale and speed.

    Without the right PXM strategy, you and your consumers will be left behind.


    Achieve Digital Shelf Leadership in Your Category

    Equip your teams with the right processes and technology to advance their ability to continuously deliver meaningful digital brand experiences to your customers.

    Adopt a PXM strategy to gain an essential foundation for building brand loyalty and winning category leadership.

    How Brands Drive Value With Product Experience Management

    Learn from brands that have used product experience management to drive business value as part of their overall digital transformation strategy.


    A Winning PXM Strategy

    The most effective PXM strategy unifies the right people, the right repeatable process, and the right technology to drive optimum efficiency and maximum result.

    Successful PXM for brands enables you to:

    • Centralize all product content, including channel-specific variations, below-the-fold content, supply chain data, inventory, and pricing. 
    • Connect the right product experience to the right channel at the right time and continuously gather feedback about external changes.
    • Automate business processes, so teams complete work as efficiently as possible.

    Learn how to centralize, connect, and automate with Salsify PXM.


    According to a Gartner®️ report,
    "Delivering an outstanding customer experience is dependent on having a compelling product experience by providing consistent contextual product information to all customer touchpoints across all channels. PXM delivers product information in context to any channel for the best product experience for the customer and ultimately gets products to market faster with great conversion rates."

    Source: Gartner, “Market Guide for Product Information Management Solutions,” Helen Grimster, 20 September 2022 
    GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

    A Unified PXM Platform Is Required To Deliver the Best Product Experiences at Scale

    A unified PXM platform is purpose-built for digital. It combines product information management with syndication, so data governance is flexible enough to manage your golden record of data alongside each endpoint’s required version.

    Uniting these two capabilities in the same system allows for a stronger product data record that can adapt to new channels and changing requirements.

    Address New Retailer Requirements Fast

    With a unified solution, you can make channel-specific changes — without impacting the central source of truth — and send updated product information quickly.

    Collaborate and Coordinate Across Multiple Teams

    With a unified solution, you gain a single system for information and tasks, enabling the right person to get the right information in the right context — and track completed work.

    Manage New Internal Data Needs Quickly

    With a unified solution, you can update internal schema without involving IT and automate product data updates in every channel.

    Learn About Salsify’s Unified Product Experience Management (PXM) Platform


    Successful PXM Platforms Are Composable and Modular

    A PXM platform provides a system of record for product data while allowing customers to integrate it seamlessly into the rest of their tech stack — enabling them to leverage the strength of their ecosystem.

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