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    Automate Your Teams’ Workflows To Win on the Digital Shelf

    Salsify Ecommerce Automation and AI Make Workflows Work Well

    Salsify icon Increase Efficiency

    Increase Efficiency

    Get to market faster with less back-and-forth across your teams.

    Salsify icon reduce manual effort

    Reduce Manual Effort

    Gain valuable time by using automation and generative artificial intelligence (AI) to eliminate the burden of completing repetitive, mundane tasks.

    Icon Salsify Collaboration

    Boost Collaboration

    Enable teams to work together effectively in one central system.

    Salsify icon Repeatability

    Drive Repeatability

    Ensure the right tasks, data transformations, and approvals take place before you publish content.

    Salsify icon Across Systems

    Work Across Systems

    Fully connect your tech stack so data and work flow seamlessly.


    Generate Content at Scale

    Use generative AI to create conversion-driving content with less manual effort.

    See How a Unified PXM Platform Can Help You Win on the Digital Shelf

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    Let Your Work Flow

    Build Scalable, Repeatable Processes

    Implement multistage, parallel-path ecommerce workflows to help your teams stay aligned around consistent processes that fit your organization’s operations.

    Collaborate Effectively

    Use native collaboration tools — like tasks, visual revision tracking, and in-line comments — to enable your team to work together cohesively and deliver great product experiences.

    Automate Repetitive Actions

    Deploy out-of-the-box workflows to infuse automation throughout your processes and power activities like updating properties, sending messages, publishing to any configured channel, and more.

    Dynamically Assign Work

    Automatically assign tasks for the right set of attributes to the right user at the right time with an ecommerce workflow integrated directly into user roles and task management workspaces.

    Customize Your Tools

    Configure your automation tools with ease using an extensive template library to help get you started — no coding or technical knowledge required.

    Ensure Your Content Meets Category-Specific Needs

    AI-driven validations ensure content compliance with the latest category guidelines and regulations. If any changes are recommended, AI-generated content suggestions are proactively surfaced for you to review and accept or change further, saving you time and reducing manual effort while keeping you in control of your product experience.

    Use Generative AI to Create Content Quickly Directly in Salsify

    Streamline content creation and easily configure prompts using a Workflow Task powered by  OpenAI to auto-generate compelling product titles, product descriptions, and more in bulk, reducing manual effort.


    Bring Ecommerce Automation and AI to Your Go-to-Market Activities

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    Become a Digital Shelf Leader

    Samsonite used Salsify ecommerce automation software to improve organizational agility and speed up content publishing processes.

    "[Salsify] allows us to do everything a lot more efficiently … It's instantaneous to, for instance, publish enhanced content in 15 minutes, which is incredible."

    Meghan O'Keefe
    Wholesale Digital Marketing Manager, Samsonite


    Win on the Digital Shelf by Integrating PXM Into the Rest of Your Enterprise Systems Architecture

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