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    Salsify’s Syndication Network Connects Product Experiences to the Digital Shelf

    Scale Product Content Syndication

    Salsify Icon Get to Market

    Get to Market Fast

    Reduce manual effort and get content to market quickly with streamlined content syndication and onboarding.

    Salsify Icon Engagement

    Boost Engagement

    Drive consumer loyalty, encourage repeat purchases, and increase positive ratings with accurate and comprehensive product content.

    Salsify Icon Custom Content

    Customize Content

    Transform content to meet custom formatting needs based on retailer requirements and validate to ensure accuracy.

    Salsify Icon Data Exchange

    Two-Way Data Exchange

    Direct connections enable retailer requirements, validations, feedback, and brand product data to flow seamlessly to the appropriate recipient.

    Salsify Icon Syndication

    Syndicate Everywhere

    Deliver product data everywhere shoppers exist — regardless of delivery method — with an extensible syndication platform.

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    Ensure Data Accuracy

    Create the engaging experiences shoppers demand by delivering complete, up-to-date product information.

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    Syndicate Your Content Across the Digital Shelf

    Automate Content Delivery

    Ensure your content gets to the right team at the right time with automatic content syndication, which sends content directly and immediately after it’s been validated against the endpoint’s requirements. 

    Streamline Retailer Updates

    Retailers frequently change their requirements — sometimes daily — and it’s impossible to track by hand. Salsify automatically surfaces the latest requirements for priority retailers, so you can be sure you’re sending the right content in the right format.

    Keep an Eye On Content

    Stay up-to-date on syndication status and access retailer feedback in the platform to unlock prescriptive guidance to help resolve discrepancies quickly.

    Populate Templates Quickly

    Salsify automatically populates retailer templates with product content from your centralized source of truth PIM, saving you time and reducing manual effort.


    Learn How Salsify’s Syndication Network Can Help You Create Winning Product Experiences


    Publish Content to the Digital Shelf

    Publish Content Quickly

    Eliminate the manual back-and-forth with your suppliers and validate, onboard, and publish content that’s been quickly and efficiently transformed to meet your unique requirements.

    Optimize for Conversion

    Deliver conversion-driving product experiences with a solution that automatically surfaces any schema changes you make, ensuring your suppliers provide you with the correct content every time.

    Collaborate Internally and Externally

    Communicate directly with suppliers via feedback surfaced right in the channel to ensure you receive the right content the first time, and work asynchronously with internal teams to validate and onboard content efficiently.

    Onboard Complete Content

    Salsify auto-populates your Item Setup and Content Refresh templates with supplier-sourced content directly from their source of truth PIM, so you receive complete and high-quality content faster and more efficiently., and in compliance with your requirements because Salsify auto-populates your Item Setup and Content Refresh templates for your suppliers.




    Streamline Two-Way Data Exchange To Deliver Product Experiences to the Digital Shelf

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    Become a Content Syndication Leader

    Like many organizations, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company’s initial approach to ecommerce involved manual processes that didn’t easily scale and slowed down their time to market. After leveraging product content syndication to Walmart via the Salsify Activation Network, the team was able to publish content in as little as 30 minutes after syndicating to Walmart.

     “[Using Salsify to syndicate content] is, without a doubt, a huge win in every way. Our Salsify connection with Walmart is definitely one of our biggest success stories.”

    Pam Perino
    Ecommerce Content Manager, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company

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