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    Centralize All Your Product Content, No Matter Where It Lives

    A Unified PXM Strategy Starts With Centralized Product Information

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    Create Consistent Product Experiences

    Centralize all your product information into one source of truth, no matter where it lives.

    Salsify Icon Market Faster

    Get To Market Faster

    Eliminate slow, manual processes and spend more days in market.

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    Keep Teams Connected

    Make collaboration more efficient by centralizing all teams into one unified, accessible, and context-rich system of work.

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    Customization at Scale

    Centrally manage multiple versions of product information and product content specific to each retailer and/or destination.

    Salsify Icon Reduce errors

    Reduce Errors

    Update your source of truth once and use automation and AI to roll it out to everyone, everywhere, avoiding costly errors.

    Salsify Icon Reduce Costs

    Reduce Costs

    Consolidate redundant and disparate systems into a unified PXM platform.

    See How a Unified PXM Strategy Can Help You Win on the Digital Shelf


    Centralize All Your Product Information, No Matter Where It Lives

    Create a Central Source of Truth

    Ingest content seamlessly via spreadsheets or from other product information databases in your ecosystem, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, master data management (MDM) solutions, product life cycle management (PLM) solutions, and even other product information management (PIM) solutions that don’t offer integrated syndication solutions.

    Centralize All Types of Product Information

    Consolidate all the content you need — such as logistics data, channel-specific variants, below-the-fold content, images, videos, rich media, PDFs, direct-to-consumer (DTC) content, and more — to build a powerful product content strategy and winning product experiences.  

    Centrally Maintain Multiple Sources of Truth

    Govern core data and universal properties that stay consistent across every channel. Maintain traceability while automatically transforming core data to adhere to each retail destination’s unique requirements and best practices.

    Flexible Data Governance

    Add new attributes, import new types of data, or implement validation rules easily for continuous adaptation while still centrally maintaining accuracy and standardization.

    Central System of Work

    Unify your teams around a central source of truth that provides cross-functional transparency, accessibility, and context. Combine that with automation and AI to create a central system of work that brings more efficiency to your PXM operations.



    Create a Central Source of Truth for All of Your Product Information 

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    Become a Digital Shelf Leader

    All commerce today is driven by one interconnected and ever-changing digital shelf. Winning on the digital shelf is vital to your success. With a unified Product Experience Management (PXM) strategy, you can drive growth and improve efficiency across all your routes to market and ultimately achieve digital shelf leadership in your category.

    "[Salsify] has created a lot of efficiencies not only internally, but with our clients ... Everyone is so happy that we’re finally controlling all of our data under one platform."

    Luis Alberto Martinez
    GDSN and Digital Shelf Syndication, Barcel USA

    “Salsify delivers on the promise of better product performance on commerce touchpoints. Salsify’s vision centers on mastering multi-channel data management, automation, and AI.”

    The Forrester Wave™ Product Information Management, Q4 2023

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    Win on the Digital Shelf by Integrating PXM Into the Rest of Your Enterprise Systems Architecture

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