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    Enhanced Content Transforms Product Pages Into Product Experiences

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    Enrich the Product Experience To Drive Engagement and Conversion

    Salsify Icon Increase Revenue

    Increase Revenue

    Capture consumers’ attention and drive conversion with rich and compelling product content.

    Salsify Icon Grow Engagement

    Grow Engagement

    Tell loyalty-boosting product stories with a variety of rich media content to win the omnichannel shopper.

    Salsify Icon Publish Content

    Publish More Content

    Deliver more of the engaging content that consumers expect to see while shopping.

    Salsify Icon Reduce Time to Market

    Reduce Time To Market

    Publish new content or channels swiftly and at scale.

    Salsify Icon Lead Time

    Skip the Lead Time

    Start hosting below-the-fold content on new destinations without significant setup time.

    Salsify Icon Reliable Data

    Get Reliable Data

    Create the engaging, authentic experiences shoppers demand with easily accessible, up-to-date product information.

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    Connect Conversion-Driving Content to More Consumers

    Reach More Destinations

    Gain access to more touchpoints to create engaging product experiences that convert with an ever-expanding network of retailers. Ensure your consumers are met with informative content, regardless of where they shop. 

    Create Cohesive Brand Experiences

    Deliver authentic below-the-fold layouts to your direct-to-consumer (DTC) presence by leveraging the Salsify Enhanced Content Software Development Kit (SDK) to ensure you’re delivering a consistent experience across owned and third-party sites.

    Grow Commerce Endpoints

    Introduce Salsify to your retailer contacts to help grow the network and get your content on their product pages.

    Ask your retailers to sign-up for Enhanced Content.

    See How You Can Create Compelling Content Across Digital Shelf With the Salsify Enhanced Content Network


    Create Converting Product Experiences

    Onboard More Brand Content

    Start accepting more of the engaging product content that shoppers are looking for from the hundreds of brands that Salsify partners with, and transform your site into the go-to destination for informative shopping experiences.

    Work on Your Timeline

    Implement the Salsify Enhanced Content SDK at your pace, and gain a partner who aligns with your team’s priorities to create compelling enhanced content and keep up with market demands.

    Sign up to learn more about the Salsify Enhanced Content SDK.

    Curate Private Label Experiences

    Use Salsify Enhanced Content to easily build and publish conversion-driving layouts for your own private label brands. Your suppliers aren’t the only ones who get to have all the fun.

    Implement With Ease

    Incorporate Salsify Enhanced Content onto your website without friction with an SDK that doesn’t impact your site functionality and keeps you in control of managing and optimizing content.


    Publish Conversion-Driving Below-the-Fold Layouts

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    Win Conversions on the Digital Shelf

    When Petco recognized they needed to evolve to meet the needs of today’s remote shoppers, they turned to Salsify for a Product Experience Management (PXM) strategy solution. Today, more than 2,500 Petco SKUs have Salsify Enhanced Content on

    “We knew that we couldn’t hit those [enhanced content] goals quickly enough without bringing on a third-party partner. Bringing on Salsify was a really great addition to the Petco ecosystem to get all of the content that we want across [all] brands.”

    Ellen Walsh
    Ecommerce Analytics and Strategy Manager, Petco

    Learn How You Can Be Part of the PXM Network and Deliver More Engaging Content to Shoppers Globally