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    What Is The Digital Shelf?

    The digital shelf is a collection of diverse, rapidly evolving digital touch points where shoppers engage with brands and discover, research, and purchase products.

    [Webinar] The Digital Shelf Playbook
    Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how to create a road map to win on the digital shelf.

    Buyers Shop Across One Continuous, Interconnected Digital Shelf

    Deliver the Best Product Experiences Everywhere

    Shoppers look for the products they need at the time and in the place that's most convenient for them — whether that’s scrolling on search engines and social media, walking inside a big-box retail store, or scanning the pages of a direct-to-consumer (DTC) boutique site.

    Win sales by providing the most compelling, detailed, and up-to-date content across these endpoints.

    Build Flexibility and Agility Into Your Go-to-Market Processes

    The number of digital touch points that shoppers rely on continues to expand and change. You need a way to meet each new channel’s requirements while quickly adapting to exceed shoppers’ expectations.

    Incorporate the Digital Shelf Into Your In-Store Strategy

    Digital screens influence the majority of all retail sales, as shoppers search and research online before buying in a store.

    Understand and communicate the influence the digital shelf has on your business. Maintain brand consistency and prioritize digital shelf drivers to bring in new business.

    Adopt a Strategic Approach To Winning on the Digital Shelf

    Building and maintaining a fully optimized digital shelf takes years and requires collaboration across multiple areas of your business.

    Succeeding at the scale and speed required demands unprecedented levels of automation and cross-functional communication.

    Unify your organization with shared goals and measurements to scale your digital shelf strategy and drive efficiency.


    Assess Your Digital Shelf Maturity
    Take the 15-question maturity curve assessment to learn how to improve efficiency, scale your business, and grow sales.


    A Unified PXM Platform Can Help You Win on the Digital Shelf

    The most effective digital shelf strategy unifies the right people, the right process, and the right technology to drive a repeatable approach with optimum efficiency and maximum result. Salsify Product Experience Management (PXM) enables you to:

    • Centralize all product content, including inventory and pricing.
    • Connect the right product experience to the right channel at the right time.
    • Automate the process so teams complete work as efficiently as possible.

    Learn how Salsify PXM — and the global network of Salsify partners — is the best solution to enable your PXM strategy at speed and scale.


    Connect With Other Leaders Through the Digital Shelf Institute

    The rapid pace of change on the digital shelf requires effective strategies, agile operations, new partnerships, and continuous improvement in every channel — both online and off.

    Learn Best Practices and Help Shape the Future of Commerce

    The Digital Shelf Institute (DSI) is a community created to share ideas, outcomes, and strategies that will drive revenue in the years ahead. Become a member to access exclusive content like education courses and a private Slack community.

    Join the DSI Community

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