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    Commerce today is driven by one interconnected digital shelf.


    The digital shelf is the collection of diverse and rapidly evolving digital touchpoints used by shoppers to engage with brands and discover, research, and purchase products.

    The shopping journey, from discovery to purchase, is non-linear, random, and happening all the time.

    Consumers today discover, research, and shop products with the aid of digital experiences.

    No matter where they buy - in a retail store, from a social influence post, or on an ecommerce site - a shopper creates their own personalized, digitally-influenced journey.

    To win in this new world, you must take control of your digital shelf.


    The 3 Principles for Winning on the Digital Shelf

    Just like traditional retail, the digital shelf requires extreme focus and discipline to drive maximum growth and beat your competition. But the guiding principles that matter to achieve that growth are different.

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    1. Engage shoppers everywhere Content has become your brand’s packaging on the digital shelf.

    It’s how your buyers engage with your brand at every point along their journey.
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    2. Execute commerce strategies fast New channels represent opportunities that may or may not work for your business.

    You must learn fast, scale what works, and stop what doesn’t.
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    Be your customers' best partner 3. Delivering the content your retailers and distributors need makes you a partner they will prioritize.

    These winning partnerships drive even more growth for your business.

    There are walls
    that stand in your way.

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    Delivering on these principles is way easier said than done. There are barriers both inside and outside your organization that hold you back.

    • Rapidly changing requirements of retailers and the pace you can deliver
    • Fragmented technology, systems and data
    • Organizational silos between digital, trade and supply chain teams
    • Desire for experimentation vs. the need to focus on volume-driving channels
    • Pay-to-play taxes to get content to your retailers and distributors

    It's time to break these walls down.

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    What Is Your Digital Shelf Maturity?

    Learn how to improve your efficiency, scale your business, and grow your sales. We’ve worked with hundreds of brands to develop a commerce experience management strategy for their digital shelf.

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    The path to dominance on the digital shelf starts from wherever you are now.

    Most brands say one of the below is their most challenging barrier to winning on the digital shelf. What’s yours?


    Your product content is inconsistent, inaccurate, and scattered across many teams.

    Get started by gathering all of your product content centrally and quickly identifying content gaps for key retailers.

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    It takes too long to launch new items and it’s too hard to refresh content for all your channels.

    Get started by adopting technology that keeps retailer and distributor requirements up to date, quickly identifies errors and gaps, and syndicates your content wherever it needs to be.

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    You struggle to produce digital shelf content that sets you apart from your competition.

    Get started by quickly and affordably creating engaging below-the-fold content on your key retailer sites.

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    You don’t have the data to know what action will drive the biggest result on the digital shelf.

    Get started by making sure your digital shelf analytics are directly linked to your workflows that are directly linked to your product content.

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