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    Connect Product Content to the Digital Shelf Faster With Salsify Open Catalog

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    A Free, Open, and Standardized Product Catalog for Winning on the Digital Shelf

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    Open Catalog is a zero-cost solution that makes connecting product content to the digital shelf free and easy.

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    Maximize Sell Time

    Quickly share data between brands and retailers so you can spend less time in spreadsheets and more time selling.

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    Save Time and Effort

    Automatically validate product content against a standardized schema to ensure completeness and eliminate inefficient manual processes.

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    Win New Audiences

    Easily share content with new retail partners and retailers to onboard new brands. Open Catalog removes operational barriers to retailer and brand collaboration.

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    Stay Up-to-Date

    Create consistent brand experiences by providing retailers with up-to-date product content sourced directly from brands.

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    For Brand Manufacturers

    Eliminate Manual Processes

    Streamline your internal processes and eliminate inefficient back-and-forth communication. Share complete and accurate product information and images quickly and for free, ensuring every retailer you work with has the up-to-date content they need while saving you time and effort.

    Maintain Control of Your Brand Experience

    Ensure a consistent brand experience anywhere and everywhere. Retailers and their partners rely on Open Catalog to enhance or replace their existing product information and images with accurate and up-to-date content sourced directly from you.

    Reduce Costs

    Syndicate product information with multiple retailers in just one channel — no more paying multiple times to deliver the same content. 

    Expand Your Presence on the Digital Shelf

    Tell your brand story to new audiences and drive more revenue with ease. Salsify Open Catalog removes operational barriers to syndicating product information to a growing network of retailers and next-generation retail platforms.



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    For Retailers

    Create Better Consumer Experiences

    Quickly and easily keep your product pages up-to-date with accurate, maintained product information and images sourced directly from brands.

    Move at the Speed of Commerce

    Top off or refresh existing product listings with the highest-quality content, resulting in more sales and fewer returns. For new SKUs, quickly set up items weeks ahead of your usual content collection processes — providing you with more time on the market to drive sales.

    Better Supplier Collaboration

    Eliminate the time-consuming back-and-forth communication it takes to hunt down missing information. Open Catalog makes collecting product information from multiple brands faster and easier. A real-time, standardized schema allows for highly efficient and accurate processing — resulting in more time in-market and less time in emails.

    Expand Your Presence on the Digital Shelf

    Thousands of brands contribute product content to Open Catalog, making it easy to quickly onboard up-to-date product information and images from new brands.



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    Connect product content to the digital shelf faster to drive growth and improve efficiency across all your routes to market. Join Salsify Open Catalog today.