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    Salsify Grocery Accelerator Reduces Errors So You Can Focus On Selling

    Syndicate Product Content Faster and More Accurately

    Icon Spend More Time Selling

    Spend More Time Selling

    Syndicate complete and compliant product content to every grocery retailer in less time than it previously took you to reach just one.

    Icon Keep Up With Grocery Data Needs

    Keep Up With Grocery Data Needs

    Use automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to stay up-to-date with fast-changing retailer, category, and regulatory data standards and always remain in compliance.


    Reduce Costly Errors

    Validate content with AI and human-powered reviews to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements before you publish, avoiding costly fines.

    Stay On Top of Fast-Changing Category and Regulatory Standards With Salsify Grocery Accelerator

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    Efficiently Create Compliant, Conversion-Driving Product Experiences at Scale

    Preview Your Content Before You Publish

    Ensure you’re sending out accurately formatted nutrition information and prevent costly noncompliance errors by previewing exactly what the label will look like before you publish with our nutrition facts label visualization. 

    Our Grocery Category Guide Keeps Up For You

    We’ve partnered with the world’s largest grocery retailers to co-develop a grocery category guide to ensure your product content is meeting the latest retailer, category, and regulatory data standards. This includes drawing influence from GS1 and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards around improving the consistency and accuracy of information for packaged foods sold online.

    Ensure Category and Regulatory Compliance

    Your product content undergoes AI-driven validations in your PIM solution against Salsify’s grocery category guide to ensure compliance with the latest category guidelines and regulations, including retailer-driven style guides. If any changes are recommended, we proactively provide AI-generated content suggestions, which you can accept or change further, keeping you in control of your product experience.

    Review Data for Completion

    Human-powered review validates your product content in your PIM solution against the grocery category guide a second time, doing additional checks on FDA-required data, such as allergen and ingredient information, reducing costly noncompliance errors while helping you maintain an up-to-date, centralized source of truth.

    Validate Content in Real-Time

    As you map your grocery retail channels, your content is validated against retailer-specific requirements in real time to help you quickly identify and correct errors and ensure data completeness.


    Reduce Costly Errors and Drive Higher Sales by Syndicating Complete, Accurate, and Compliant Product Data to Every Grocery Retailer

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    The Salsify Product Experience Management (PXM) Network is composed of retailers of all sizes, regions, and verticals to connect winning product experiences to everywhere your consumers are.

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