How to protect your brand identity

By Nick Zaleski on 9:00 AM on April 27, 2017

You’re a brand who’s built an identity for decades, maybe even 100+ years. The internet has caused a major disruption in how your brand is able to communicate with your end consumers. Today, you have hundreds of channels and retailers sharing content about your brand.

How mobile is changing your customer's shopper journey

By Cara Wood on 7:56 AM on April 26, 2017

Consumers are creating their own shopping journeys and the path to purchase isn’t always a straight line. Increasingly, that unpredictable path to purchase involves multiple touches on a smartphone. We confirmed this in our Second Annual Cracking the Consumer Code eBook.

We asked 1,000 online shoppers about the various ways they use their mobile phones as a shopping tool while physically in stores. Seventy-seven percent  of shoppers say they are using their mobile devices in stores today. When they browse in store they are doing a wide range of tasks related to shopping, including comparing competitors’ prices, looking for more product information and looking for similar products.

PIM 2.0 - What is PIM and Where is it Going?

By Salsify on 8:00 AM on April 25, 2017

Takeaway: Product information management (“PIM”): essential to aggregating, managing, and collaborating on data and consumer-facing content. So important, Forrester recently declared, “PIM is indispensable in the new era of distributed commerce.” If your company is thinking about investing in content and syndication efforts via a PIM system, read on for key need-to-knows.

How Millennials Think About Your Product Content

By Fiona Galey on 8:00 AM on April 19, 2017

Takeaway: I'm a millennial who keeps an eye on the latest whole food and health food trends. Here are 4 ways that food brands and retailers can catch and keep my attention, and ultimately earn my brand loyalty. 

What does it take to have the best furniture product content on Amazon?

By David Gold on 10:28 AM on April 18, 2017

We went shopping for furniture and home goods on Amazon this week and thanks to our newly launched Product Content Grader were able to see just how well some of the site’s brands are performing on product content. You can get your own product content score, or read below for the lessons in good product content.  

New research: Digital influence of furniture and home goods purchases is at a critical point.

By Peter Crosby on 8:07 AM on April 13, 2017

Most furniture shoppers want to see exactly what they are getting before they buy. They expect their new couch or dining room table to last for several years. They want their new drapes or bed linens to be top quality. It’s no wonder then that even in the digital age only 5% of revenue in the $100 billion-plus industry comes directly through online sales.

Prepare your content for the age of voice-powered shopping

By Cara Wood on 8:00 AM on April 11, 2017

Takeaway: Voice-command devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo are the latest way technology is changing how consumers shop. Here are five must-dos to prepare your product content for this new kind of shopping.

New Research: Consumers tell us what's driving the future of shopping

By Peter Crosby on 8:00 AM on April 5, 2017

The influence of mobile on consumers' habits is everywhere across the shopper's journey. Our latest consumer research found that even while in-store, shoppers are turning to their mobile devices for product information. In fact, a notable 77 percent of shoppers use a mobile device while shopping in-store. This compares to just 35 percent of shoppers who prefer to speak to a salesperson if they have questions about a product. Consumers are in charge of their shopping journey more than ever before, and these facts must have an impact on your digital strategy. 


Getting Luxury E-Commerce Right

By Melissa Puleo on 8:00 AM on April 3, 2017

It was big news in the fashion world: In early March, luxury goods group LVMH was said to be planning to launch its own multi-brand e-commerce site, which, if true (the company declined comment), would mark the company’s most significant digital investment since hiring a chief digital officer in 2015 — and offer a sign of how e-commerce has become a higher priority for the company, which includes top brands such as Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and Fendi.

Google’s giving you product page feedback. Now what?

By Rovaira Dasig on 8:00 AM on March 30, 2017

Takeaway: It’s now possible for you to see exactly whether the product information you share with Google is ready to go live. Learn how to make the most of this data by using a consistent process to make continual improvements.

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