7 Questions Mobile Shoppers Ask About Your Product (and How to Answer Them)

By Cara Wood on 8:00 AM on June 27, 2017

Takeaway: Not surprising that while shopping in-store, consumers will have questions about your products. The difference today is they want those answers immediately. In our newest consumer research, we’ve identified the questions brands must be prepared to answer while the consumer is standing in the aisle.

Build a strategy that serves today's shoppers

By Cara Wood on 8:00 AM on June 22, 2017

Consumers have never had it better. Shoppers today can demand and expect solicitous service, a huge selection of products, low prices, and more information than ever before about the products they consider purchasing. Digital devices combine with rich online retail platforms like to make the contemporary shopping experience not only more rewarding, but also a continuously evolving thing for which the ever-shifting goals and needs of buyers set the direction.

7 Ways PIM Software Can Improve Your SEO Strategy

By Salsify on 6:00 AM on June 21, 2017

Consumers are turning to search engines to get the information they need about products and services. This means that, in order to compete, your business needs to have a high ranking especially within the results for search engine giants like Google. The best way to accomplish this is to make sure your site employs a solid SEO strategy.

5 ecommerce lessons from Dorel Juvenile Group

By Caitlin Hychko on 8:09 AM on June 19, 2017

Takeaway: Not every day does someone with over 20 years of ecommerce experience share their lessons learned. We listened into a recent podcast as Bob Land and Jamie Dooley of the Dorel Juvenile Group shared insights from the strategic wins and losses for their baby and childrens safety products.

Is your brand ready for Amazon Prime Day?

By Kelsey O'Brien on 8:30 AM on June 15, 2017

Although the exact date for this year's Amazon Prime Day is still unknown, we expect it to take place the second week in July. This means, your team has 1 month to optimize your product pages on the e-tail giant. Check your brand performance on Amazon with our free product content grader and read below for guidance on how to make the most of this giant shopping day.

How I did it: CRKT grows brand footprint with engaging product content

By Kate Roda on 8:54 AM on June 14, 2017

Teresa Bonnell is always looking at ways to improve companywide efficiency and responsiveness to customers in her role as VP Finance & Operations at Columbia River Knife and Tool® (CRKT). CRKT is known for distinction in design, innovation, and quality of its collection of knives, multi-tools, and accessories. As more and more of its customers shifted to digital strategy, Teresa was looking to new solutions to help the team meet the needs of retail customers and provide individual shoppers with information they are looking for.

How to get started with ecommerce after you’ve already started

By Casey Muse on 7:57 AM on June 13, 2017

Takeaway: Assessing and updating suboptimal ecommerce systems is vital, but how does it fit into the daunting number of other sales, marketing, and technology priorities? For company ecommerce and IT leads, taking a moment to ask, “What could be done better?” might be one of the most critical questions posed this year. Here’s how to do it without interrupting business.

5 must-read lessons from #IRCE17

By Peter Crosby on 8:49 AM on June 9, 2017

This year's Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE 2017) was teaming with energy and innovation. We were inspired to see so many of our customers and industry leaders sharing advice, best practices and insights with the 10K+ attendees.

Learning from Best Buy’s Turnaround: 5 Tactics

By Annie Goodrich on 9:00 AM on June 8, 2017

Takeaway: Retail apocalypse they say? Best Buy has managed to prove analysts wrong with a promising rebound both online and in-store. The secret to their sauce has been a mixture of these five tactics with, you guessed it, digital commerce at the forefront.  

4 important trends from 2017 Internet Trends Report

By Cara Wood on 10:22 AM on June 7, 2017

Last week, Internet guru and Kleiner Perkins investor, Mary Meeker, presented her highly anticipated 2017 Internet Trends report at the Code Conference in California. We love this report; it validates so many of the trends we see emerging everyday through conversations with our customers and industry feedback. We broke down a 4 key takeaways that impact our industry most: