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Build Your Best Holiday Strike Team

By Cara Wood on 8:56 AM on September 20, 2018

Speed is critical in making Q4 product page edits. Every moment is a sales opportunity. And with brands pushing 76% more product page refreshes during the holidays, according to Salsify research, your brand needs a plan—and a team to swiftly execute that plan.

3 Practical Lessons for Electronics Manufacturers Selling on Amazon

By Andrew Waber on 9:15 AM on September 19, 2018

Our latest benchmark report looked at trends across the best-performing pages on Amazon in the electronics category between May and August of this year. The results are a clear indication that improving your product content and review count can make a significant difference in your product sales ranks.

Gerson Companies Leader Shares Secrets to Winning Your Category Online

By Maria Lisac-Ramirez on 8:11 AM on September 18, 2018

The Gerson Companies Chief Technology and Sales Officer Orin Borgelt joined Salsify EVP of Customer Success Lee Feigenbaum last week to discuss the creative ways he and his team solved the digital challenges the seasonal decor company was facing. Since implementing Salsify, Gerson has seen a 77% year over year boost in sales and sped time to market. Below are some of our favorite topics the executives discussed during the recent webinar.

A/B Testing on The Digital Shelf: At The Whiteboard

By Peter Crosby on 8:00 AM on September 17, 2018

How can you determine what content is working to drive discovery and performance and what's not? There's a lot of noise about how to perform well on X Retailer, but savvy brands need to go deeper to understand how to improve product performance across the digital shelf. A/B testing can provide insight into what will make the difference--it's important to approach A/B testing in a methodical manner.

The ROI of PXM: Using PIM, Syndication and Analytics to Transform Your Digital Business

By Nasry Angel on 10:29 AM on September 13, 2018

Earlier this year Salsify commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment companies may realize by deploying Salsify’s Product Experience Management (PXM) platform. The study provides a much-needed framework you can use to evaluate the potential financial impact a technology investment could have on your organization. Brand leaders often ask us what benefits they can expect from their first few years using Salsify. We wanted to provide answers that came from a trusted third-party source that they could share back with their C-Suite and other decision makers in the organization.

What you need to know: Holiday 2018 Amazon Lightning Deals due September 21

By Salsify on 8:32 AM on September 10, 2018

As if you couldn’t already feel the pulsating pressure… here’s a reminder: Q4 is mere weeks away. Even sooner is a very important deadline. September 21, which is when applications are due for Amazon Lightning Deals.

The Sales Impact of Product Content

By Maria Lisac-Ramirez on 1:05 PM on September 6, 2018

For brands selling their products online, finding the right balance between optimizing product content and page conversions can be difficult. This balance becomes even harder when dealing with Amazon, which has strict guidelines and rules regarding the information, media and type of content that brands have to provide in order to get a product to be sold on the site. So, what value can robust product content give to a product page? Can that value be leveraged to deliver improved sales rankings and product page conversions?

Ask an Expert: How a D2C Site Enables Growth

By Caroline Egan on 9:00 AM on September 5, 2018

According to our 2018 trend retailer-brand survey, 92% of brand manufacturers are selling direct-to-consumer (D2C), following only marketplaces and social media as priority consumer touchpoints. Selling D2C provides brand manufacturers the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with consumers -- from understanding how content impacts sales, to retargeting across channels to learn more about their overall persona. While online marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart receive well over 50% of ecommerce sales, D2C is expected to grow by 71% over the next few years.

Holiday Ecommerce Checklist: Getting product pages ready for the rush

By Cara Wood on 8:00 AM on September 4, 2018

With Labor Day behind us, your brand has (hopefully) mapped out and finalized the list of products you plan to sell during the holiday season. What should come next to ensure you meet your Q4 profit projections and growth goals?

5 Ways to Use Digital Catalogs

By Caroline Egan on 8:18 AM on August 29, 2018

The Digital Catalog is often described as a digitized version of a print catalog: but it’s more than that. It allows brand manufacturers, their teams, and distributors to have access to up-to-date, accurate product content that is readily available and it’s easy to use. Salsify’s digital catalog is easy to update and use a channel to publish to that is not a static webpage. It is an incredibly powerful tool for your organization: it allows you to create custom catalogs on fly, filter products based on certain attributes, showcase your products to sales representatives in a clean, easy to use manner, provide access to product information to your entire organization. In short, digital catalogs should be a critical tool in your commerce toolkit.


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