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    Social Proof

    Social proof occurs when consumers look to other consumers’ reviews, opinions, or shopping behavior to inform their own purchasing decisions.

    What Is a Social Proof?

    Social proof is the psychological concept that people are more likely to take an action, purchase a product, or engage with a brand if they see that others are doing so as well. 

    The primary way this occurs is through consumer reviews. Products with a high number of positive reviews tend to be more popular than those with fewer reviews — regardless of product quality — due to the social proof effect.

    Because of social proof, businesses that create easy opportunities for customers to leave reviews often benefit from a compounded consumer impact. Similarly, case studies can be powerful tools to highlight how consumers have used or engaged with a product.

    Social proof also works via word of mouth, as consumers frequently look to the opinions of those in their circles for recommendations. That’s why providing a cohesive, consistent brand experience across all channels is critical for businesses today.

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