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    Remarketing is a customer-engagement tactic that occurs when a business connects with a consumer who has already interacted with their brand.

    What Is Remarketing?

    Remarketing is the process of engaging with a customer who has already interacted with a brand with the goal of encouraging them to take an action that moves them closer to a purchase.

    Using a remarketing strategy, a brand might send an email campaign to a customer who left an item in their online shopping cart, for example. Or they might send a display ad to customers who have engaged with the brand on social media. 

    These remarketing tactics often include messaging about the brand, its differentiating factors, and a discount or benefit meant to encourage the consumer to engage further.

    Remarketing is a useful tool for brand marketers, as it often persuades hesitant consumers to make a purchase and builds brand awareness for new and existing customers.

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