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    Product Content Management (PCM)

    Product content management (PCM) is the process of maintaining product descriptions, details, and educational content to ensure consumers have access to the most accurate, up-to-date product information. This is often enabled by PCM software or a PCM system.

    What Is Product Content Management (PCM)?

    Much like they do when shopping in-store, online shoppers look for information, reviews, and data about products before they make a purchasing decision. Within the ecommerce landscape, most consumers find these critical details on product detail pages (PDPs), educational content, videos, images, and other media. 

    Product content management (PCM) is the process of maintaining types of content and sources of content (such as spreadsheets, documents, and other files) to ensure consumers have access to accurate product content that’s consistent across all sales channels.

    When done well, PCM via PCM software can benefit businesses in several ways. It helps brands control the versioning of product data; enables them to get products and their details to market faster; and helps them create a cohesive brand experience for consumers.

    Because managing an entire catalog’s worth of product content can be time-consuming and unwieldy, many businesses use a PCM system to help streamline their operations.

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