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    Niche Retailing

    Niche retailing is when a business sells products within a very specific category that appeals to a small, but loyal, customer base.

    What Is Niche Retailing?

    On one hand, businesses profit from having large, expansive customer bases. On the other hand, niche retailing proves that attracting as many customers as possible isn’t the only way to drive sales. Niche retailing is a sales approach in which businesses sell products within a specific category to generate loyalty and repeat business among a smaller group of customers.

    In a niche retailing model, a business might sell one type of high-end water bottle, rather than all different types of fitness gear. Another niche retailer might sell unique, hand-crafted bow ties instead of suits and their accessories. In each of these cases, the business has homed in on a very particular need within a larger retail category. 

    While this might seem like a limiting approach to retail, it poses major benefits for businesses. They’re able to demonstrate complete expertise of a particular product, which can boost customer trust and loyalty.

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