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    Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)

    Minimum advertised price (MAP) is the lowest possible price at which a retailer agrees to sell a brand’s product.

    What Is Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)?

    When brands and retailers collaborate, they often agree upon a product’s minimum advertised price (MAP) before working together to get the product on shelves. This refers to the lowest possible price at which the brand will allow the retailer to sell their product. 

    When creating their minimum advertised price (MAP), brands typically evaluate the amount of profit they can make on a particular product, how the pricing impacts their brand identity, and how the pricing impacts their retailer partner’s profits. Ultimately, the brand wants to make the most money possible, while fostering strong, financially viable and brand-aligned partnerships in the process.

    One of the main benefits of minimum advertised price (MAP) is that it helps create a consistent customer experience. Consumers see the same — or similar — product pricing across retail channels, which boosts the brand’s value and identity. It also helps brands and retailers predict profits and collaborate effectively.

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