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    Marketing Touch Point

    A marketing touch point is either a physical or virtual moment in which a consumer becomes aware of or interacts with a brand.

    What Is a Marketing Touch Point?

    Before a consumer decides to make a purchase, they generally engage with several brands multiple times to inform their product research and market awareness. They do so through physical and virtual marketing touch points. 

    For in-person shopping experiences, consumers can engage with marketing touch points by seeing advertisements, perusing stores, or talking with customer service representatives. Virtually, marketing touch points can take the form of reading ecommerce content, interacting with a brand on social media, reading customer reviews, or downloading a branded ebook.

    Each of these — and many other — touch points provide reciprocal benefits for the brand and the consumer. The consumer learns about the brand and its product, which can help them make an informed purchasing decision. 

    The brand, on the other hand, can access customer data, build awareness, drive consistent branding, and learn how consumers prefer to interact. Analyzing these touch points can help marketers ultimately boost sales.

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