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    Live Stream Shopping

    Live stream shopping is the process of browsing and purchasing products through a social media live stream, typically hosted by a brand, celebrity, or social influencer.

    What Is Live Stream Shopping?

    Before making a purchase, most consumers today turn to social media for peer recommendations, brand engagement, and product research. Live stream shopping takes these interactions to another level by giving consumers the ability to purchase products directly from a live video showcase hosted by the brand, a celebrity, or a social influencer.

    These events occur on several social media networks — including Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook — giving consumers the ability to learn about the product from a trusted source and purchase directly through the site.

    Live stream shopping meets two of today’s consumers’ biggest demands: convenience and social proof. Customers get the convenience of finding, learning about, and purchasing products on the platforms they prefer and understand best. It’s a convenient way to meet customers where they are. They also get social proof, as influencers, peers, or celebrities laud the benefits of the product and encourage them to make a purchase.

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