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    Layaway is a product purchasing option that enables consumers to make a deposit or series of deposits on an item in order to purchase it over time.

    What Is Layaway?

    As consumers increasingly demand payment methods that best meet their lifestyles and needs, flexible installment options are gaining traction — especially within the ecommerce space.

    Layaway is one such option, which allows a consumer to make a deposit on an item to secure the purchase, then pay in installments over time and ultimately pick the item up after paying the full amount. 

    Unlike buy now, pay later (BNPL) options — which allow you to purchase and pick up the item now, then pay over time — layaway requires consumers to pick up the item only after they’ve paid the full price.

    This payment plan originated decades ago, but it’s seeing a resurgence due to the convenience and ease it brings to today’s shoppers. Layaway plans are particularly popular for consumers purchasing expensive items, as they allow them to pay over time for items they might not have lump sum amounts for immediately.

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