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    Encapsulation is a visual design tactic in which businesses encase critical information on a web page in a box or differently colored element to drive users’ attention to that information.

    What Is Encapsulation?

    Directional cues are visual techniques that guide a website visitor’s eye to important elements on the page, including buttons, high-converting elements, or key product information. Encapsulation is a type of implicit directional cue that involves placing important information or visual elements in a box on the page to ensure that information stands out from the rest of the page.

    In most cases, encapsulation will involve a literal box that cordons off critical details from the rest of the web page. Businesses typically use this explicit type of encapsulation to drive site visitors to buttons that lead to purchase or newsletter sign-up forms.

    In other cases, businesses might create an element with significant color contrast or shading to make certain elements stand out on the page. In either of these cases, the business deploys encapsulation to direct the visitor’s eye to the elements that drive them closer to converting.

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