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    Drip Marketing

    Drip marketing is a promotional tactic in which a business sends a series of automated emails to customers to engage them after they’ve made certain actions.

    What Is Drip Marketing?

    As a sales and promotional tactic, drip marketing is a way to move customers through the sales funnel and ultimately encourage them to complete a conversion, which is usually purchasing a product. In a drip marketing campaign, a business automatically sends emails after customers have completed certain actions, such as signing up for a service, adding an item to a shopping cart, downloading a piece of content, making a purchase, and more.

    Because the emails directly connect with consumer actions, they’re able to give customers the right information at exactly the right moment in their sales journey. This type of connected, personalized marketing can help build a strong and trusting customer relationship.

    Segmenting customer groups through a drip marketing campaign can help a business nurture leads, address disengaged customers, and solicit consumer feedback. The key is to use each email as an opportunity to build a strong brand experience.

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