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    Conversion Path

    A conversion path refers to the steps customers take to complete a brand’s intended action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.

    What Is a Conversion Path?

    Most businesses create conversion paths to map out the steps their customers will take to complete a purchase, turn into a sales lead, sign up for a marketing newsletter, or create a profile. The conversion path varies depending on the brand, its goals, and the type of conversion.

    Generally, however, the conversion path comprises several steps and requires businesses to have consistent branding across all touch points to give customers a cohesive experience that encourages them to move forward on the path.

    In a fast-paced ecommerce world, businesses will often have to continually remind customers of the conversion path, as it’s rarely quick or linear. This can mean sending email reminders, promoting via social posts, and creating other marketing content that nudges the customer toward the next stage.

    It’s also important for businesses to constantly review their conversion path to find ways to eliminate friction and help customers along.

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