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    Conversion-Centered Design

    Conversion-centered design is a marketing approach comprising seven principles, each designed to help businesses drive leads and sales through high-converting web pages.

    What Is Conversion-Centered Design?

    In an ecommerce market in which customers are overwhelmed with purchasing options, web design can be critical to attracting — and capturing — consumer interest.

    Conversion-centered design is a framework for designing marketing campaigns — typically focusing on product or landing pages — to include psychologically proven techniques for catching consumers and encouraging them to buy.

    Conversion-centered design includes seven core principles:

    1. Create focus
    2. Build structure
    3. Stay consistent
    4. Show benefits
    5. Draw attention
    6. Design for trust
    7. Reduce friction

    Each of these principles centers on one core tenet: making it as easy as possible for consumers to find the information they need and make a quick, effective purchasing decision.

    The conversion-centered design approach is all about capturing your consumers’ focus in a distracting market and enabling them to make decisions without feeling overwhelmed with choices. These principles involve guidelines for written copy and visual design alike, with the goal of building consumer trust.

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