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    Attribution Model

    An attribution model is a method teams use to evaluate the value of marketing touch points and channels that customers interact with throughout the ecommerce experience.

    What Is an Attribution Model?

    Attribution modeling yields important data and insights for brands and retailers to assess the impact channels, such as websites and social media, and touch points, including emails and advertising, have as part of their marketing campaigns.

    Through the attribution model, teams can understand which touch points are most engaging to customers and assign values based on this data to tailor strategies that can more effectively align with marketing goals.

    Customers may interact with multiple touch points to learn about a product or service. Brands and retailers can look to specific user experience data about how effectively the channels are working through different types of attribution models and algorithms.

    Common approaches include single-source attribution, which involves assigning all credit to a single touch point, multi-source attribution, and weighted multi-source attribution, which enables you to analyze each interaction throughout the commerce cycle and weigh each touch point based on its performance.

    The models can ultimately provide a perspective on which channels deliver the best outcomes for your strategic business initiatives and customers’ purchasing behaviors.

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