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    Web Analytics

    Web analytics are data that convey insights about consumer behavior on a web page, as well as a business’s overall performance.

    What Are Web Analytics?

    There are three main processes involved with web analytics: tracking data, reporting data, and acting on that data. Businesses often use APIs and cookies to track consumer behavior on their websites. These technologies can show teams data about website traffic, click-through rates, conversion rates, scrolling heat maps, and more, giving the business key data to better understand their customers.

    It can be difficult for businesses to report on and understand data, especially when there’s a lot of it. That’s why many rely on data management systems to help organize and analyze data, often through customizable reporting.

    After a business has tracked and reported web analytics data, it can then derive insights from the information and use those to optimize its marketing efforts, adjust websites to better suit consumers’ needs, and adapt its overall strategic plans according to trends in consumer behavior.

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