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    Walmart Content Publisher

    Walmart content publisher is a tool that brands can use to publish enhanced content to their Walmart product pages.

    What Is Walmart Content Publisher?

    To attract, convert, and retain customers, brands need to fully engage audiences through rich, dynamic enhanced content, such as images, videos, and interactive materials. Part of Walmart’s Connected Content Program, Walmart content publisher enables brands to publish this content directly on their Walmart product pages.

    Walmart is continually expanding the collection of products they sell online and in-store, so brands that sell through Walmart increasingly need ways to stand out. Walmart content publisher is a tool these brands can use to ensure their products catch customers’ eyes.

    In addition to the sales value Walmart content publisher brings, the tool also enables smooth workflows within Walmart’s operations. Walmart uses product content published through the content publisher to determine product assortments, vet pricing, and enhance the digital shopping experience for customers. Because content is so central to Walmart’s operations, brands that use Walmart content publisher can get their products on shelves quickly.

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