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    Walled Gardens

    Walled gardens occur when a retailer forms an exclusive relationship with and obtains data from a third party, which blocks brands from collaborating directly with the retailer.

    What Are Walled Gardens?

    Successful ecommerce systems today rely on strong collaboration between retailers and brands to provide a positive customer experience. Walled gardens hinder this success by creating restrictive and siloed practices that don’t allow for brand connections.

    In a walled garden, the retailer forges an exclusive relationship with a third-party content onboarding portal that the retailer can use to obtain and supply product data. By forming this closed ecosystem, the retailer eliminates the brand’s ability to directly engage with the retailer’s digital shelf data.

    Walled gardens present challenges for all parties and ultimately end up impacting the customer experience. These set-ups silo data, slow down product updates (which are key to winning conversions), hinder data transparency, and lead to content errors.

    Removing walled gardens by facilitating open data exchange can help brands and retailers get product updates to customers faster, syndicate product content, and create product consistency across customer touch points.

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