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    Visual Identity

    Visual identity refers to the visual elements — including imagery, color palette, logos, and more — that represent a brand and its core characteristics and values.

    What Is Visual Identity?

    Before reading product descriptions or customer reviews, consumers shop with their eyes. They take in all elements of a brand’s visual identity — its logos, typography, images, videos, color schemes, and more — to get an idea of the brand’s personality and values. Based on visual identity alone, a consumer might assume a brand is serious, luxurious, playful, or sincere.

    All brands have a visual identity, whether or not they put concerted effort toward strategizing about it. For brands to control the way they present their characteristics and values, they need to create and follow comprehensive visual guidelines for marketing materials; develop enhanced content like images and videos that best represent their products; and ensure their visual identity remains consistent across all consumer-facing channels.

    A strong, brand-aligned visual identity also helps a business differentiate itself from its competition, which can further showcase its unique personality and capture consumer attention.

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