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    Value Proposition

    A value proposition describes how a consumer would benefit from and why they should choose a particular product.

    What Is a Value Proposition?

    To establish a value proposition, businesses first need to understand their customers and their pain points. A value proposition should connect with the customer and describe succinctly how the product will help them solve a challenge or benefit their life.

    In this way, a value proposition goes beyond simply describing the highlights of the product. Instead, it explains why the product is different from others, how it can enrich a consumer’s life, and why a consumer would benefit from choosing it.

    Value propositions connect products with consumers, homing in on critical areas for each. On the product side, the proposition could focus on the experience of using the product, the features of the product, or the effects the product might have. 

    On the other side, the proposition might explore a consumer’s fears, needs, or desires. A strong value proposition articulates how the product details connect to the consumer insights.

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