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    Urgency Marketing

    Urgency marketing is a tactic where businesses use phrasing around scarcity, immediacy, or timeliness to compel consumers to make a purchase.

    What Is Urgency Marketing?

    All marketing techniques are aimed at driving consumers down the sales funnel to make a purchase. Urgency marketing is one type of technique that urges consumers to purchase quickly.

    Urgency marketing comes down to language and purchasing availability. Adding a discount to an item and emphasizing that the reward ends within a specific time period, for example, encourages the consumer to buy the product before the discount runs out. 

    Similarly, highlighting that a product has limited stock is a form of urgency marketing that compels consumers to purchase before the product runs out.

    In each of these cases, the business uses language that emphasizes the urgency around buying the product, implying that if the consumer doesn’t buy soon, they might not be able to get the product or the reward at all.

    In the ecommerce landscape, where consumers have nearly infinite shopping options, urgency marketing can help drive conversions.

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