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    Upselling is when a brand or retailer uses certain marketing and sales techniques to encourage a customer to purchase more or more expensive products than they originally intended.

    What Is Upselling?

    Internet users typically use search engines to achieve a particular goal, such as finding a particular website or learning about something. Search engines, businesses, and other online-based organizations benefit from understanding user intent, as it helps them tailor their websites to the needs of their users.

    There are a number of different types of user intent, including:

    • Navigational, in which users directly search for a specific brand or website.
    • Commercial, in which users research products before buying.
    • Informational, in which users explore to learn about something.

    To reach any of these goals, the user must enter key terms or phrases into the search engine, which will then deliver results based on which websites best connect to those keywords. 

    Businesses that optimize their pages to strategically include keywords that resonate with user intent searches are likely to rank higher in search results and generate more traffic to their sites.

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