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    An upsell occurs when a consumer purchases a product and a salesperson persuades them to buy more products, upgrade their product, or buy an add-on to the product.

    What Is an Upsell?

    The core goal of an upsell is to increase the overall value of a purchase. This goal can be accomplished in several ways, including shifting the purchase to a more premium option, adding accompanying items to the purchase, adding a paid warranty to the product, or adding more of the same item to a purchase.

    An upsell benefits the business by increasing profits and the average cost per purchase. But it can also help businesses form stronger connections and build loyalty with consumers. 

    For example, if a consumer purchases a grill, a business might upsell them propane, cooking utensils, or safety gear. By offering these accompanying items during the purchasing process, the business not only gains a higher potential sale, but they also demonstrate that they understand the consumer’s needs, know what additional items might help them, and care about them enjoying their product — a benefit that encourages repeat business.

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