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    Trust Marks

    Trust marks are images or designations that ecommerce brands display on their websites to indicate compliance with particular security regulations.

    What Are Trust Marks?

    Online shoppers are rightfully concerned about keeping their personal and payment information safe from bad actors. That’s why successful ecommerce businesses do everything they can to protect their customers and instill trust in their transactions. Trust marks are visual signifiers, such as images or logos, that ecommerce businesses use to show consumers that they’ve complied with security and privacy requirements.

    Dozens of security organizations — along with government laws — provide requirements for keeping consumer data private and secure. These organizations include McAfee, Verisign, and even PayPal verified. 

    To earn a trust mark, a business must take a test conducted by the organization that evaluates the business on its security protocols. If the business passes, they will receive a badge, image, or logo that they can post on their website.

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