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    Tech Stack

    Tech stack refers to all of the technologies — including software, programming, and data storage options — that “stack” on top of each other to build and run an application.

    What Is a Tech Stack?

    A tech stack typically comprises servers (AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure, for example), programming languages (such as Java, Linux, iOS, or Python), and data storage tools (like MySQL, MongoDB, or Redshift). 

    Tech stacks also include both front-end and back-end components. Front-end components are used to build user-facing elements, such as the user interface, while the back-end components are the elements that developers use to create, run, and optimize applications. 

    Many tech stacks also include business intelligence solutions or technology monitoring tools that help developers analyze their tech stack’s performance and make adjustments accordingly.

    The way an engineer builds their tech stack has a direct impact on the business’ ability to scale quickly and operate efficiently. Businesses that align their tech stack closely to their internal and customer needs stand to gain efficiency and agility.

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