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    Supplier Portal

    A supplier portal is an integrated platform that businesses and suppliers use to collaborate, share information, and manage processes. Supplier portals foster effective communication between suppliers and other businesses.

    What Is a Supplier Portal?

    Within any given supply chain, brands need to engage with suppliers to stay organized and fulfill orders efficiently. A supplier portal facilitates strong collaboration between brands and suppliers, enabling them to enter critical information, submit documents, communicate effectively, and manage invoices.

    With a supplier portal, all parties involved have access to accurate, up-to-date information related to their collaboration, including a history of completed transactions. Supplier portals also make it easy for brands to integrate a supplier’s system into their own and onboard new suppliers quickly.

    Many supplier portals can also integrate with account payables systems, enabling teams to create, submit, and pay electronic invoices efficiently. These systems can also produce tax documentation and other financial forms.

    A supplier portal can help a brand streamline their supply chain workflow, ensure they’re maintaining the most accurate information possible, and strengthen collaboration — which can ultimately help get products to customers quicker.

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