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    Style Guide

    A style guide is a brand’s reference book that houses all guidelines for representing the brand visually and textually in marketing and co-branding materials.

    What Is a Style Guide?

    The modern ecommerce business markets the brand and its products on multiple channels, including social media, websites, blogs, and more. To maintain consistent and cohesive branding across all these channels and materials, brands use a style guide that outlines requirements for visual and textual brand representation.

    Style guides typically start with an overview of the brand, highlighting the brand’s values, core products, and overall image. Then, some guides map out customer personas — which tell content creators who they should make content for — that convey the ideal customer target’s needs and wants.

    The bulk of a style guide, however, is creative direction for marketing and co-marketing collateral. These include guidelines on tone, voice, logo construction, color palettes, imagery, typography, and specific language requirements.

    Style guides should be living documents that teams update regularly as the brand and its image shift. Teams should also share them with co-branding partners to ensure consistency.

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