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    Social Influencer

    A social influencer is a person who’s gained enough credibility and following on social media to be able to market a product, service, or brand.

    What Is a Social Influencer?

    Like celebrity promoters or public thought leaders, social influencers get paid to market products, services, or brands. In exchange for money, discounts, or free products, these influencers use their social media platforms — which typically garner large social followings — to highlight products through pictures, videos, and text. 

    In fact, most social influencers are content creators, using their platform to produce social content that resonates with followers. Because of the depth and breadth of their reach, social influencers are highly sought after in today’s digital commerce space, either as product-specific promoters or full brand ambassadors. 

    Many brands hire social influencers that directly connect with their product or service to market to other like-minded consumers, which often increases customer engagement and improves retention rates. 

    While social influencing isn’t a required marketing practice today, it can be a boon to businesses looking to build strong customer relationships and loyalty in the digital age.

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