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    Shopping Feed Management

    Shopping feed management — which can occur via shopping feed management services and shopping feed management software — is the process of creating, organizing, and managing product feeds to ensure that customers encounter the most accurate, up-to-date product information on the business’ ecommerce platform.

    What Is Shopping Feed Management?

    Most brands organize their product listings by creating product feeds, which are files containing descriptions and attributes of items. These product feeds ensure the business has the most accurate, up-to-date product information across all sales channels, helping create a more positive customer experience. Shopping feed management is a critical process that entails managing these product feeds, specifically as they’re deployed to ecommerce systems, sales channels, or marketplaces.

    With a strong shopping feed management system in place, brands can get product catalogs — containing the most accurate product information available — out to their sales channels quickly and efficiently. These systems use a common language that aligns with most marketplaces to ensure product information seamlessly applies to channels.

    Brands can also automate their product information releases and updates to ensure they always have consistent information on pricing, availability, and shipping options that aligns with the requirements of other systems, marketplaces, or vendors.

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