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    Shopping Channels

    Shopping channels are third-party websites that enable individual sellers, retailers, and brands to sell products to consumers.

    What Are Shopping Channels?

    Many retail businesses sell their products through brick-and-mortar locations or their own ecommerce websites — or sometimes both. But as consumers increasingly use third-party shopping channels to find the products they need among multiple sellers, more and more businesses are listing products on these sites.

    Shopping channels, such as Amazon or Facebook, benefit both consumers and retailers. They allow consumers to compare prices and products while allowing businesses to extend their reach beyond their own websites.

    Businesses find success not only by listing products on shopping channels but also by:

    • Optimizing their product listings;
    • Providing organized, consistent, and detailed product information; and
    • Using a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to utilize the keywords that consumers are typing into search.

    Many businesses also consider shopping channels as part of their larger omnichannel strategy by ensuring that product information and brand presence are consistent across all channels.

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