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    Share of Search

    Share of search is the measure of brand visibility within organic search results — representing the percentage of relevant searches in proportion to the total number of searches for all brands.

    What Is Share of Search?

    As brands and retailers seek to measure brand awareness and market share through studying share of search presence, teams gain visibility into how marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) practices are impacting complementary key performance indicators (KPIs) and overall growth relative to industry. The relationship between marketing, optimized content and search activity, and increased revenue is complex, yet there appears to be a link between a higher share of search and increased market share. 

    Brands can measure share of search by using Google Trends. To calculate, you identify the number of searches for your brand during a certain time period and divide that by the number of searches for all brands in your industry. By consistently analyzing this data, you can begin to view patterns over time — and understand which campaigns and strategies are achieving the most promising results for your organization.

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