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    Searchandising refers to the process of curating product displays on ecommerce websites to help consumers find and purchase items.

    What Is Searchandising?

    In brick-and-mortar locations, retailers can merchandise product displays to encourage customers to engage with, learn about, and ultimately purchase products. 

    As consumers increasingly turn to ecommerce to purchase products online, businesses with online presences need to similarly curate products and product groups to foster customer engagement.

    Searchandising is the process of assembling and managing product pages, product promotions, and other sales tactics (such as promotional banners or pop-up ads) for online retail. Designing eye-catching product pages that provide consumers with relevant details about the product can help guide customers toward the right products.

    As the ecommerce landscape becomes more complex, searchandising is becoming increasingly important. Curating the right digital displays can help a business stand out from the crowd. 

    Many businesses use product data management platforms or other catalog management systems to relieve some of the manual searchandising work and ensure product displays are consistent across all sales channels.

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