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    Rule-Based Personalization

    Rule-based personalization is a way of dividing customers into segments based on manually created rules and tailoring marketing to those segments.

    What Is Rule-Based Personalization?

    Personalization is a marketing tactic businesses use to learn about their customers’ interests, needs, and demographics, then customize their marketing efforts to connect with those qualities.

    Rule-based personalization is an approach to this type of marketing that applies manually created rules to segment consumers according to their interests, needs, and demographics. Businesses often construct these rules in an “if/then” format, which is also called conditional rendering. 

    For example, they might segment website visitors into two categories: new visitors and returning visitors. Then, the business could establish the rules to tailor marketing to those two groups, such as “if a new visitor visits the site, then apply a ‘reach out’ call-to-action” to encourage engagement. 

    With these rules, which can be connected to consumers’ gender, age, product preferences, previous brand engagement, or purchasing history, the business can personalize content, calls-to-action, product information, and more to the needs of each segment.

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