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    Revenue per Visitor

    Revenue per visitor is a metric that analyzes how much money a business makes when a customer visits their website.

    What Is Revenue per Visitor?

    Businesses calculate revenue per visitor by totalling up their generated revenue within a given period and dividing that by the number of people who visited their website during that period. This shows them how much money they’ve generated per visitor and, more generally, how successful their sales efforts have been.

    If businesses monitor and calculate this metric month over month, or year over year, they can also gain insight into how their digital channels are performing over time and amid seasonal changes.

    Businesses should use revenue per visitor alongside other performance indicators, such as bounce rate, overall traffic, conversion rate, and campaign engagement. 

    One business with low traffic and high conversions and another with medium traffic and low conversions, for example, might see a similar revenue per visitor. Accounting for product cost, business goals, and benchmarks, these businesses can get a well-rounded view of the areas they need to address.

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