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    Returns Policy

    A returns policy outlines a business’s rules for how, when, and in what ways a customer can return an item in exchange for a refund.

    What Is a Returns Policy?

    Offering transparent information about purchasing and return policies is critical to building consumer trust. Most businesses post returns policies online and in store to ensure they’re communicating clearly to their customers. Their returns policy explains the rules about which items customers can return, how long after their purchase they can return the item, and what processes they should follow to return the item.

    Returns policies also explain what customers get in exchange for returns, such as a full refund, partial refund, or store credit. Explicitly communicating this information can boost customer trust and protect the business from complaints or legal issues.

    Managing returns can be tricky for ecommerce businesses in particular. When online customers aren’t able to handle items directly, they’re more likely to return a purchased item because it doesn’t match their expectations. That’s why it’s crucial for businesses to create detailed product descriptions that help customers make informed decisions.

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