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    Retargeting is the process of sending marketing materials directly to consumers who have engaged with a business, visited their website, or browsed their products without making a purchase.

    What Is Retargeting?

    Many consumers take their time browsing products or shopping around before they make a purchase. Retargeting occurs when businesses identify how these consumers have previously engaged with the business, then market directly toward them to encourage them to revisit their site and purchase a product.

    Businesses often use website analytics to understand where consumers are getting stuck and leaving their sites, which gives them the information they need to retarget them. 

    If a consumer spends significant time on a particular product page, for example, the business might send them an email campaign that highlights that product to reengage the consumer and nudge them toward a conversion.

    Retargeting is an important marketing tactic for businesses with an ecommerce presence because it generally requires less time and money to reengage someone who has already shown interest in a product than it does to engage a brand new prospect.

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