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    Retailers are organizations that sell products directly to consumers via in-stores and/or online channels.

    What Are Retailers?

    Retailers represent the end of the supply chain. After goods have been made, transported, and stored, retailers buy the goods from a wholesaler or manufacturer, then sell them to consumers via their available sales channels to make a profit. 

    They're responsible for marketing their products, understanding their customer base, and establishing sales channels.

    There are several different types of retailers, including brick-and-mortar retail stores and ecommerce websites. Many modern businesses have both in-person and online retail channels through which they sell products, allowing consumers to choose their preferred way of making purchases.

    Key to a retailer success is their ability to capture and retain consumers’ attention amid a saturated commerce landscape. 

    To accomplish this, many ensure to meet consumer needs by providing detailed product information; giving them easy and convenient ways to learn about and purchase products; and personalizing marketing to better connect with them.

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