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    Retail Channels

    Retail channels are the various places consumers can purchase products, including in-store locations, ecommerce websites, or catalogs.

    What Are Retail Channels?

    Retail channels are essentially distribution sites through which consumers can purchase products. Because today’s commerce landscape is fast-paced and multifaceted, most businesses establish multiple retail channels — including online ecommerce sites, brick-and-mortar stores, social media commerce, and more — to give consumers several purchasing options.

    Most successful businesses, however, employ omnichannel retail systems that connect all channels, providing a seamless shopping experience for consumers. 

    Within this system, a consumer could browse products on social media, purchase a product on the retailer’s website, and then pick up the product in-stores without encountering any roadblocks.

    Managing multiple channels can be complex, so many retailers create detailed channel strategies that outline their marketing and sales tactics, consumer needs, and workflows per channel and across the ecosystem. 

    This allows them to ensure that consumers have consistent, cohesive experiences as they move from channel to channel.

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