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    Retail Channel Manager

    A retail channel manager organizes, supervises, and monitors the sales operations for one or more customer engagement channels within a brand’s overall ecosystem.

    What Is a Retail Channel Manager?

    Most retail organizations in the modern commerce landscape use several sales and marketing channels to connect with consumers and drive them closer to conversion.

    A retail channel manager oversees all aspects of one or more of those channels, ensuring consistency and effectiveness within individual channels and across the whole omnichannel experience.

    A retail channel manager who oversees a brand website ecommerce presence, for example, might focus on optimizing the site for search, creating engaging product content, and forging a seamless pathway to purchase.

    A social media manager, on the other hand, might create social content, facilitate influencer partnerships, and interact with consumers on their preferred platforms. Successful retail channel managers are able to use data to understand what their consumers want.

    Because managing channels can require significant time and effort, many brands outsource channel management to third-party vendors or adopt data and content management systems to streamline their operations.

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